Southern GRIND Wasp Saw Blade (Decorative Art)


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Southern GRIND Wasp Saw Blade – Raw Blade w. natural patina

These unique art pieces represent the American Spirit demonstrating a history of Ingenuity, Innovation and Responsibility. Saw blades are shipped to you “raw” directly off our water jet. See care instructions below   

Saw blades have always been a favorite material of traditional American knife makers. At Southern GRIND, we honor this tradition and take it to the next level with purposeful design.

We’ve given these pieces of American Industrial History a second and third life. Before they ever reach Southern GRIND these saw blades that have spent their working life in mills here in America. Over the years these 8670m blades have been through thousands of heating and cooling cycles creating the work hardened metal we use to create our Wasp Throwing Axe sets. Our designers carefully created the Wasp cutout pattern to be symmetrical and unique, ending as a piece of art in its final form.

Care Instructions

Saw Blades pictured are a reasonable representation of the product. Because this is a genuine re-purposed piece, slight variation in color and size is expected.  Each Southern GRIND Saw Blade has a unique wear pattern and rustic patina. Saw blades are shipped to you “raw” directly off our water jet. You can clear coat it to bring out the richness of its natural beauty or retain the more rustic look by lightly wiping it down and hanging it up. Please handle these blades with care, they have been cutting harder things than bone for years. 

Wasp Saw Blade Breakdown:

  • Saw Steel: 8670m
  • Saw Family: Wasp
  • Saw Finish: Raw 
  • Blade Thickness: .090″ -.110″
  • Total Height: 27″- 30″
  • Overall Weight: 9 lbs

Made in the USA

Made in Peachtree City, GA by craftsmen who take pride in their products, we stand behind our quality.

Weight 9 lb


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