The Grind Continues

For more than a decade you have depended on Zac Brown’s Southern GRIND Knife Co. to consistently develop and deliver dependable and innovative knife designs. We are excited to announce that this legacy will continue under Diamondback Knife Works! Although the physical equipment has moved from Georgia to the Space Coast of Florida, the unbeatable quality and attention to detail that sets GRIND knives apart will continue to represent Zac’s vision. Rest assured that any GRIND relationships are still thriving, all warranties still exist, any questions about previous or future conversations are always welcomed. If we can assist you in any way please do not hesitate to reach out.
Hornet Left Side Transparent


Quill 1


Penguin Left Side - 1


Arachnid Black Laser Left Side PNG 1620


Bad Monkey

Coming Soon...

Wasp - Left PNG